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From Some of Our Customers....

For any other photography enthusiasts, or anyone else who cares, and lives in the Daytona area, you need to check out Clem’s Classic Cameras. He is in the Daytona Flea Market, in the back Northeast corner, in one of the air conditioned buildings. He has been there for over 26 years and has everything film and photography related from every era. The main reason I am even mentioning him is because he has the best prices, by far, than I have seen in a long time. Even on the internet. I was honestly blown away! 

Joshua Wilton

"My local shop is in the Daytona Flea Market, Clems Classic Cameras Opens Fri-Sat-Sun at 1425 Tomoka Farms Rd, Daytona Beach, FL 32124 (386) 738-0549
If they don't have something, I'd be surprised."  - Laclaustra

"This weekend I found my dream camera store." -                                                   Matt Degreff

"I would constantly visit flea markets in New York, search eBay or respected retailers in hopes of finding a good deal on this camera [Nikon F FTn]. It wasn't until I made a trip to Florida and visited a Daytona Beach flea market that I got an amazing deal from a seller known as Clem, from Clem's Classic Cameras It was like a dream come true to find the camera I had wanted for so long, not only for a great price but also in great condition." 

Alexis Correa